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Dash Pads

Ready to replace your dash pad???

Choose a brand new OE vinyl style dash pad from USA1 Interiors!  Why choose USA1 when there are cheaper options???  Yes, there are cheaper options, we used to sell those cheaper options but found that most of our customers were looking for a quality product over saving a couple of bucks!!! Actually buying a cheaper pad somewhere else cost you more, after hours of frustration trying to install and expensive shipping cost to return, it's just not worth the headache!!! Most of our customers are restoring there car or truck and what's the main thing you are looking at driving down the road? The dash!!!


                       USA1 Industries                                                                                               Competition

              -  OEM Style Vinyl Covering                                                                       -  Urethane Rubber with imitation texture

              -  Durable CNC Metal Structure                                                                 -  Cheap Plastic Structure

              -  Correct factory dyed colors PLUS custom colors available                           -  Wrong colors and you can't dye

              -  High quality factory appearance                                                            -  Poor non-factory appearance

              -  Easy to install, factory fit around instrument bezels and moldings         -  Poor fit, no adjustment in installation because it's a piece of rubber.                                     black-dash-pad-assembled-wi_2.jpg